Let's talk about the foundation garment -- our SKIVVIES

Posted on 06 May 2016

When you watch Mad Men, do you ever wonder how Joan and the rest look totally turned out, rocking all their best curves? Well, they had a lot going on under their sweaters and pencil skirts: corsets, boning, garter belts and bullet bras. Thankfully, today we don't have to bother with all that cinching and discomfort. But! It's not an area to be ignored. Part of stylish dressing is knowing that shapewear is actually for ALL body types; it's in line with knowing your correct bra size and how much comfort relies on the fit difference. Wearing a high-lycra content slip under any dress will make your whole silhouette improve. Use your house as an example: if you don't have a great foundation to begin with, the whole thing can fall apart at the seams. We *just* received a big Commando order filled with half slips, full slips, control shorts, colorful thongs and pretty full panties.  (Full slips are available online in two styles, more slips, control shorts, panties, etc are available in-store or over the phone.)
Commando Body Shaper
Commando Thong
In addition to our Commando line, we carry the famed Coobie bras which, trust me, is the most comfortable bra you will ever own! No under wire, no hook closure and removable pads -- I accidentally SLEPT in mine and never noticed! So, ladies, stop on in or make an appointment to find your base wear making all your outfits and dresses look like you are pulled together -- top to bottom (literally!).
Coobie Bra
Cobbie Bra

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