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She's back... and we're so happy to have her!

Michelle Lesniak is back at Garnish

As I approached the shop this morning something was already different.  In the windows stood four mannequins - two adorned with my own designs and two wore dresses by a fellow designer whom I respect and admire with all my heart.  They were the dresses of Michelle Lesniak, Season 11 Project Runway winner, former Garnish Gal, and now again a driving creative force at Garnish.  Seeing her pieces in the shop caused the creative energy to swell in me like a tide.   

Feather DressFeather Dress

Michelle brings her incredible design talent, fierce sense of humor, edgy style, and strong art direction back into my "house" and I couldn't be more pleased.  Couple this with the incredible styling experience of Genevieve Sage, I feel that the Garnish team is stronger than ever.  I am so excited to see where this Spring takes us as we all explore our roles as your designers and stylists to the depth of our ability. 

So I invite you all to come and see for yourself (and if you want to catch Michelle for a good laugh or a stylist appointment you'll find her on Tuesdays and Thursdays). 

Expect great things this Spring - we can't wait!

(Photo of Michelle by Kevin Focht)

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