Party Details

Garnish has taken our signature parties and brought them online!  Now wherever you live you can enjoy our parties from the comfort of your own home.  Grab a cocktail and settle in for a fun night of fashion!

At our evening Zoom parties our team of stylists will guide you through a capsule collection showing you which silhouettes look best on which body shapes, how to accessorize outfits, and how to dress pieces up and down.  You and your guests can purchase pieces online as we go and then we'll ship your items directly to each of you.  If you need further assistance we can book a follow up virtual or in-person appointment to go over your selections one on one. 

Owner and lead designer Erica Lurie will give a special behind the scenes look at Garnish’s unique design process and answer any questions you may have on the industry of fashion, the life of a fashion designer, or specific styling questions. 

A shopping party is a fun experience! It provides you the opportunity to have access to stylists to help you elevate your style and create a look that is right for you and your lifestyle!  

About Garnish

Garnish is a line of fashion forward clothing and accessories designed in our boutique and made in Portland, Oregon.  We feature limited edition collections- meaning we typically make only one or two pieces per size and color of any given style.  Our modern pieces can become your entire wardrobe - from tops and skirts that are more than everyday, to dresses and coats that nudge fashion boundaries and are perfect for your life. Due to our attention to detail when pattern-making you are sure to be comfortable in our great-fitting garments, sized from XS-2XL (0 - 18).

TO BOOK CLICK HERE! Or call: 503.954.2292

Note: Parties are set to start at 5:30 PST, but we could work with you to figure out a time that works best for your group if an earlier time is needed.