Can we say that Erica started Garnish at the age of 6?

OK, maybe not the business exactly, but at that young age she entered her first designs - a splatter painted top and skirt - into the Vermont State Fair. By high school, she was sewing and selling polar fleece hats to her fellow ski racers. It's no surprise that after more design work in college and upon joining the workforce, Erica launched her own clothing line in 2004.

Garnish's evolution since then has been well-thought out, and responsive to what our customers want. Garnish Gals love being the ones to turn heads. It's easy to stand out when you're wearing something distinctive made in very limited quantities. Our modern pieces can become your entire wardrobe - from tops and skirts that are MORE than everyday, to dresses and coats that nudge fashion boundaries and are perfect for your next event. It goes without saying that you'll be comfortable in our great-fitting garments. We just ask that if you're in our shop, be flexible if we suggest a piece or two that might make you say "That is quite different from what I normally wear."  We know, and that is what we are here for: to help you evolve your style, and we are quite confident that you will fall in love with the results. We thrive in offering personalized attention to each and every customer that walks through the door. We understand that everybody is different, and we're here to help fine tune that balance between personal style and pushing the boundaries. After all, we want you to look and feel your best. Our customer service comes from a place of passion, and so does the clothing itself.

It all starts in the studio. From sketch to store, every step of the Garnish making process is completed right here in Portland. The personalized, human connection to the clothing goes far beyond the shopping experience itself - every fabric, cut and stitch is perfected by Erica first to ensure that the absolute best quality garments hang on the Garnish rack.

Every piece of jewelry is handcrafted in her home studio, becoming the perfect complement to the clothing that's made right there in the same exact space. Inspiration for both derives from a multitude of outlets. Whether it be foreign countries, customer stories or the endless natural beauty right here in Oregon, the flow of inspiration that sparks Erica's mind is always translating into the pieces that she creates. Fabrics in particular inspire Erica a lot, making it one of her favorite parts of the design process. With that said, there's no shortage of stylish prints that push boundaries but still stay true to Garnish's timeless aesthetic.

Bold pieces. Jewelry to go with them. Accessories to complete the look. Made in small batches in our beloved Portland.

We're Designer-Maker-Stylists. And at Garnish, we help you be the woman you want to be!